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Swap Shop

Our Swap Shops are local free events inviting you to come along and bring any unwanted items in exchange for others.

If you don't have items to bring you are still very welcome to come and see if there is anything you would like to take.

There is no limit on the items you can take away and no charge. There is a donations box if you feel you would like to make a contribution.

All of remaining items are distributed amongst local charity shops. These are held quarterly throughout the year at the St John's Centre in town.

Love Food? Hate Waste?

Sustainable Bury and The Rubbish Diet are getting together with Cafe del Mar in Bury St Edmunds to host a FREE 'Love Food Hate Waste' event.

Taking place at Cafe del Mar's restaurant in St John's Street, the evening will feature top tips from a Love Food Hate Waste expert, including storage ideas, portion advice, what our food date labels really mean and what retailers are doing to help.

Maria Broadbent, the restaurant's owner, will also be sharing some of her own secrets on how her business makes the most of food when planning and preparing their Mediterranean dishes.

Litter Pick

Last time this area was done by Sustainable Bury, we litter picked 12 black dustbin bags, it is a huge area and a thorough job goes into the bushes/brambles and trees not just in the visible area.

Why would this interfere/jeopardise what the council already do? We are helping the council by doing areas which they don't get to, and as some members have young children who play in this area , it is a danger to them if these areas aren't tackled, judging by what we found on the previous litter pick.


Talks were very eventful last week with the comedy duo Jane and Andy "no really, they made composting seem like a lot fun with discussions on whether your worms in the wormery would freeze to death in the Winter or not, bubble wrap advised!?"

Karen was a delight to listen to with so many shocking facts and figures on waste and recycling, she knows her stuff on a global scale.

And John let us know of the growing renewables industry, anaerobic digestion, which seems to be happening in the East with farmers growing energy crops and requiring waste food to produce energy.

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Litter Pick
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    Litter Pick

    Litter Pick

    Sustainable Bury were out in force on Tuesday clearing litter from the Risbygate ward of Bury St Edmunds, in the dip area by West Suffolk College.



    Talks were very eventful with the comedy duo Jane and Andy Karen was a delight to listen to with so many shocking facts and figures on waste and recycling.