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Fixing our relationship with electronics is going to require massive change on a global scale. Electronic waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams in many countries. The pace of our consumption has real social and environmental costs.

While recycling is important, we must intervene before disposal - encouraging consumers to buy for longevity and diverting electronics from "end of life".

We believe we cannot wait for greener or more ethical gadgets, we just need to roll up our sleeves and get started. That's what the Restart Party is all about.

A Restart Party is a free community event where volunteers help people fix their own broken devices and small appliances, to save them from waste and change our relationship with electronics.

The focus of the events is on skill-sharing. Participants with broken electronic equipment take an active part in the repair.


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  • ' Don't pre-judge - you never know '
  • ' Warm sense of community '
  • ' Knowledge it is here'
  • ' Tree planting '

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    Our mission: Fixing our relationship with electronics. started in London but actively growing our network. just repair, don't despair!

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